About us

Jo Barrett and Jana Langhorst have been keeping plenty busy during lockdown, and Have a Go is the result. And who better for the job? Barrett, the co-executive chef at Oakridge Estate in the Yarra Valley, a gig she has held for the last five years, coming to the role with experience as varied as Joost Bakker's zero-waste restaurant Brothl, baking at Tivoli Road Bakery, work at MoVida and around the world everywhere from New Zealand and Canada to Brazil. She's all about produce-driven cooking which has led her to explore all a great variety of techniques and methods of preservation. 

Langhorst also comes from a food background, having cooked professionally at the likes of Provenance before hanging up her clogs to pick up the camera. She shoots for a range of leading food publications, producers and chefs around Australia. Together they’re as can-do a pair of people as you’re likely to know, and their love of just getting it done now extends to publishing. 

Words by Pat Nourse