Handmade Artisan Dough Knife

by Have A Go Series


A collaboration between renowned knife maker Mathieu Dechamps of MD knives and
chef/baker Jo Barrett for Haveago series.

Hardened stainless steel, single-piece wooden handle and brass fixings.

Made and designed in Melbourne 

Belgian born Mathieu Dechamps trained as a fine furniture maker in Brussels before making the move to Australia where he resides in Victoria’s Dandenong Ranges. After years of obsessing over wood and steel, Mathieu bought his passions
together and started MD knives in 2016.
Mathieu has now become one of Australia’s most renowned blade smiths selling high-performance kitchen knives to chefs and home cooks around the world. His focus on quality and functionality has made the collaboration between chef/baker Jo Barrett the perfect synergy for Haveago series very own Artisan Dough knife. 

This professional bakers tool is handmade in Melbourne with a 0.7mm thick hardened stainless steel blade, single-piece wooden handle fixed with brass bolts. The perfect blend of quality, functionality and style. 

The dough knife comes in three shade of wooden handle - dark, medium and blond. The handle has been designed for
maximum comfort and efficiency. 

Average weight range: 200g. 

Length - 150mm 

Width - 120mm

Blade hight - 80mm